Welcomed more than 200 participants among 3 skate jams // Hosted more 10 games of skate // Adopted 1 skate park and cleaned more than 6 times // Introduced locals to Brian Sumner, Matt Mamiller, Mike Steinkamp, Friar Didacus and Friar Gabriel // Produced 4 video testimonies // Sponsored 1 Go Skate Day // Secured 780+ on Instagram and 275+ on Facebook // Built Soundcloud and YouTube channels // Hosted several mini-backyard sessions // Gave 1 radio interview // Gifted more than 100 skate decks and Extol grips // Built one love, caring and connected Extol Skate Jam Family // Represented the unconditional love and endless mercy of Jesus Christ

Who we are?

A Core Team of skaters from the Austin, TX area of a variety of skill, ages, and denominations whose lives were positively impacted by Jesus Christ lead Extol.

  • Skateboarding lovers
  • Followers of Jesus Christ

Previous Guests

Brian Sumner


Brian Sumner is an Evangelist/Pastor/Speaker who came to faith in 2004 at the height of his professional skateboard career.

Born in Liverpool England, at age 15 Brian transplanted to America to become part of Tony Hawk’s Birdhouse Skateboards, building a successful decade-plus long career riding for some of the biggest skate companies in the world.

Mike Steinkamp


Mike Steinkamp travels year round speaking at events, as well as partnering with churches and organizations around the world hosting skate outreaches. MS Skate Ministry produces films that communicate powerful Gospel messages in a relevant way, and we have heard countless stories of these films drawing people to Christ. MS Skate Ministry also released a 14 day devotional APP “Landing Bolts”, where people can read a daily devotional that explains the truth of the Bible through a skateboarders perspective. We are passionate about our local community as well, that is why we started a skateboarders Bible study in our hometown of Wilmington, NC called “The Ramp”. MS Skate Ministry is so grateful for everything that God is doing through us, and our prayer is that God would continue to use this ministry to reach people around the world with the love of Jesus.

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